Types of Carpet Cleaning

When you get your carpets cleaned by a professional there are several different types of methods that could be used depending on what is needed. About five main ones in fact.

But, as with most things there is the pot that has everything in it and then there is what is mainly used. There are two main methods that are generally used. Hot water extraction and dry carpet cleaning.

Hot Water Extraction (AKA Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning)

Hot water extraction is more commonly known as steam carpet cleaning or deep steam carpet cleaning. The general basis of this type of carpet cleaning is to use high pressure hot water that is sprayed into the carpet fibers to dissolve all the dirt.

This method will generally use some kind of cleaning agent. It’s not just hot water that is sprayed into the carpet. Once the cleaning agent has been applied with the high pressure water it’s left to settle for a short duration. Then after sometime the carpet cleaning professional goes back over the carpet to extra the cleaning agent with their carpet cleaning machine.

Then finally the carpet is left to dry on its own. This is achieved with air conditioning or just open windows. It takes approximately two hours to clean an average sized family home wit four bedrooms. And then about 4 hours to dry. So if you want hot water extraction or deep steam carpet cleaning it’s best to get the cleaner into your home as the first thing in the morning so by the time you come home in the evening from work everything is dry and clean.

Depending on the company that is coming out to do you carpets will depend on if they use deep steam carpet cleaning on another method. For example carpet cleaning Gateshead 100% focuses on deep steam carpet cleaning.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a newer form of carpet cleaning. Although it’s been on the market Technology-wise since the 1980s it’s only recently become popular with carpet cleaning companies. In the past the cost a dry carpet cleaning machine was too high but as technology has adapted and made things cheaper it’s now possible it possible for dry carpet cleaning to be affordable for the average person needing to clean a homes carpets.

Generally dry carpet cleaning is used with a powder that is applied to the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine actually applies this powder and then uses a counter rotating brush that allows the fibers of the carpet to open right up letting the powder sink in. This powder is then left for some time to do its job to clean the carpet.

Then the carpet cleaning professional comes back in and vacuums all of the powder up, and the cleaning is done.

The reason this is becoming very popular in recent years is because a carpet cleaning professional can come into a home or business and as soon as the cleaning is done the carpet can be used again. Unlike wet carpet cleaning or it’s other name, deep steam cleaning, the carpet has to be left for at least 4 hours to dry.

Of course there are many different types of carpet cleaning like we mentioned at the start of this article. There two we covered are just the main two.