Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked!

Carpet cleaning is not really a complex subject at all. But over time some rumors have made their way around the world. Lets debunk those today!

Will my carpets take a few days to dry after being professionally cleaned?

The answer is no they will not.

There might be some odd circumstances if there is excess moisture in the air and you carpet just happened to be cleaning on that super humid day or if a poorly maintained carpet cleaning machine was used. But for the most part carpet cleaning companies that are experienced wont make your carpets overly wet and they should pretty much dry like we mentioned our before, that is dry within a couple of hours.

Can cleaning my carpets professionally too often damage them?

The fact of the matter is that you should actually be getting your carpets cleaned at a professional level more often than less.

If you own your own home then your carpet is actually investment. Not looking after them will cost you in the long run when you have to replace the carpet.

To directly answer this question you cannot damage your carpets with to much professional cleaning.

Are all carpet cleaning methods the same?

If you’re going off just reading carpet cleaning companies websites then you might not actually read about anything but ‘carpet cleaning’.

The reality is there’s quite a few different methods that are used to clean carpets and it really just depends on what situation you’re dealing with. The main methods are deep steam carpet cleaning also known as hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning.

Will professional carpet cleaning cause mold to grow on my carpets?

No this is not the case. If you have a professional carpet cleaning company come into your property who knows what they’re doing your carpets will be dry when they leave if they use a dry method. Or if they use deep steam cleaning they will be dry after a few hours.

There’s no possible breeding ground for mold to form.

My carpet is not old so it does not need to be professionally cleaned, or does it?

This is a myth that is actually perpetuated by lack of knowledge.

The reality is that when people refer to that carpet as ‘new’ their carpet might be a couple years old and it just simply new visually.

The reality is if you want to preserve your carpet and keep it looking nice, clean and actually keep it in mint condition you need to have your carpet cleaned every 6 months after installing new carpet.

All cleaning is the same so I’m going to get the £50 special for three bedrooms

This is one of those times when you need to think about if something is too true to be true, it generally is. This is just like taking your car to a mechanic who says he’ll fix your car for £100 and you know when you go back there you’re going to have a £500 bill because it’s just the way a lot of mechanics are.

If you take an offer like this for carpet cleaning then you’re going to end up paying three to five times as much as the original offer.

Everything gets added on top. The other situation is that these carpet cleaning companies generally use cheap equipment so you’re not going to get a proper clean with your carpets and they can potentially damage your carpets as well.

There’s definitely merit in paying full price because your carpets are an investment at the end of the day.